During the year-long Masterclass programme, 24 selected photographers (12 in each class) develop their artistic and documentary projects using the guidance of their tutors and support of the international group of peers. The participants physically meet 3 times, in two intensive workshop sessions in Kuldīga (Latvia) and a mid-term review in Sicily. These are combined with regular online feedback sessions with the tutors in between. At the second and the last sessions, invited industry experts - photography editors, critics and curators, offer in-depth comments on the created work. The masterclass is completed by a demo exhibition of resulting works. 



6 days:  11-17 March 2018 in Kuldīga, Latvia
During the introductory session, the focus is on developing the concept and figuring out the best way to approach your chosen subject, as well as developing your skills and knowledge through lectures and discussions with your tutor and the group. You will receive feedback on your portfolio and crucial input on your initial project idea. The workshop will include some practical exercises in groups, serving to build up your creative and editing skills, as well as artist talks by the mentors and portfolio presentations of all the participants. 


4 days: 3 - 7 October 2018 in Sicily 
During the mid-term session participants will present their progress, receive feedback and critique, and discuss the next steps in developing your projects towards the best possible outcome. The session is organised in cooperation with our partners MINIMUM studio in Palermo.


7 days: 9 - 16 March 2019 in Kuldīga, Latvia
The final session is focused on shaping the final form of your work - whether it's a photographic series, a book or multimedia. We will also focus on how to get your work out there, and we'll be joined by several invited industry experts - editors, curators, critics - offering individual feedback and consultations on your projects and ways of promoting them. The week will be completed with a public showcase - a trial exhibition of the produced work. 

Invited experts 

Leading industry professionals are invited to take part in the second and third sessions to provide individual feedback to the participants: 

2016/2017: Emma Bowkett - Director of Photography, FT Weekend Magazine, Lars Willumeit - curator, writer and educator, Teun van der Heijden - photobook designer and editor, Salvatore Vitale - photographer, lecturer, Chief Editor, YET Magazine

2015/2016: Ann-Christin Bertrand - Curator, C/O Berlin, Simon Bainbridge - Editorial director, British Journal of Photography, Brad Feuerhelm - Director and managing editor, American Suburb X


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